Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WOOF Top Picks

(In which I dared.)
Whoah! I was so engrossed with the pile of homework before me that I was surprised to see that the contest's over. Hey! I wasn't even able to vote! Anyway, congratulations to those who made it. Better luck next time for me. ^_^
WOOF Contest – Top Picks


Zorlone – “Storm- A voice to the storm's awesomely destructive power. This was written in admiration and respect to its might.

Dragon Blogger – “Ghost Whispers” - Poem about ghosts of the past, read aloud by the author.

Jennifer M Scott – “Open Book - Losing oneself.


Roy/Angel – “Modern day Cinderella story - An original adaptation of my 11-year old daughter of the Cinderella story.

Lauren Salkin – “Dead Mice Don't Eat Cheese” – This post is based on a true story. So, what is actually true? The mouse, the cat, and me, of course. I did grab the cat with the mouse in its mouth, tried to shake it from the cat's mouth, succeeded in doing so, then subsequently stepped on the mouse, killing it.

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Other WOOF Contestants for 10/23/09

Prose / About Writing

Roy – “How do you prepare for death?” - How do we want death to come to us? Can we really be prepared for it?

Fun and Fearless – “We Filipinos Are...” - It is about an encounter with someone who thought negatively about Filipinos and how a Filipino writer helps me gain pride for my people.

Fun and Fearless – “Have You Got Style? - It is about a person's comment on how writers should write.


Roy – “Dreams do come true” - We just have to keep the faith... cause dreams do come true.

Dragon Blogger – “The Intruder” - Poem about an invading virus and defensive measures, crafted with random words.