Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rains, Winds and Hands

(In which we should all go back to her.)
I have to go to school a little bit later today to discuss the research paper we were supposed to defend before a panel this Friday. But as you have guessed, I have not come up with a good write up yet. In fact, I have not written a paragraph yet. So I have to go see my professor.

On my way, I saw a terrible traffic at 8 in the morning. Whatever happened? I heard the driver of the van talking to other drivers through the radio. I was so sleepy since I had a terribly little sleep last nigh. But I was awaken when the driver turned left.

“Isn’t this place still flooded?” I thought. And yes, it still is! I saw two other cars get stuck on their way to escaping a terrible traffic. I looked at the place again and remembered that I haven’t passed this road eversince Ondoy hit the Philippines. The place looked like a dark lake full of water spinach with stems as thick as a piccolo, or a flute for that matter. Oh I remembered our fateful walk through the flood from Santolan to Brookside. And this place, until now, is still suffering from the aftermath. I held my breath as we get nearer to dry ground. I looked back and saw the waves of dark water slowly fade.

With just an interval of a week, the Philippines was hit by three typhoons – Ondoy, Pepeng and Ramil, respectively. And in these deathly days, everyone prayed for the heavy rains to stop and that this be the last typhoon to come. Nature seemed not to listen as she sends three – in the same manner that men didn’t listen as she pleads for her to be saved.

The reasons for these kinds of calamities are really alarming. We have been used to rains and typhoons but the recent events were enough to heighten our awareness on natural disasters and climate change.

I got home just in time to see a news about the tree planting campaign of GMA 7 in Tanay, Rizal was bering aired. According to the participants, this was done to help save nature and to lessen the effects of climate change. I was happy to see and hear about people who care for the earth. Actually, it’s high time that all of us should.