Saturday, October 17, 2009

Triple Purple Galore

(In which BF doesn’t stop insisting until i put the “galore” in the title. )


Yahoo! will be definitely happy to visit our Literature class I swear. If there is something we should be happy about today, it’s the utter coincidence that three out of six students in the class wore purple. You should have seen our professor. She thought we were up for a dance performance and kept on asking if we have talked about wearing the same wardrobe hue. I never thought we were that “thoughtful” to provide quality entertainment to a class where we were supposed to study a survey of American and European literature and not “teaching” it. However, the “royal” feeling we were supposed to relish was overpowered by the disappointment we got after failing to do well in recitations. But believe me. I did my best to come up with a decent lesson plan. I even forced myself to forget that my blog ranking is fluctuating. (Now that I’ve mentioned it, I need to think of ways to recover the hundred steps I was able to climb last week.)

Going back to the purple get-up, I wonder why there is such a big fuss (for me) when there are so many people wearing purple. It might sound foolish but listen, errr, read. It doesn’t affect me much when other people are wearing black when I am wearing black. But it’s a different thing when it’s purple. To some people it might be green or yellow but it’s purple for me. I hope I was able to convince you or at least make myself clear.

Anyway, after having a hard time in our statistics class, I realized what the other reason for wearing purple today is – camote’s purple right?