Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Dose of Late Night News

(In which some news aren’t as new as they should seem to be.)
Last night, I was able to catch a part of SAKSI, the late night news program of GMA 7 where they aired a clip showing the Cebu Dancing Inmates dancing Wonder Girls’ famous song “Nobody”.
You see, I never blogged about it. Not even during the peak of its popularity here in the Philippines highlighted by the social sites being flooded by their videos. I just knew it would vanish from the radio station playlist, the jeepney people’s playlist as well as on stalls where you can buy pirated DVD’s. Isn’t it just surprising why they have been keeping their number one spot for the last couple of months or so on national radio stations’ Daily Top Three Songs? Fine. They have an English version aside from the Korean original which makes more sense compared to the Taiwanese F4 fad. But the Korean song is just as popular as, if not more popular than, the English version here! That’s what I don’t get.
Does it just show that when we patronize, we do it whole-heartedly? Or is it another example of colonial mentality? Well, at least we’re getting closer to being Asian. And now I am reminded of some scenarios wherein some East Asians do not know Filipinos are Asians, too.
Too bad I wasn’t able to stay up late to watch the episode of Reporter’s Notebook about their visit in PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) which shows how late we are when it comes to technology. Honestly, I believe the majority of Filipinos (if not all) can tolerate it if our technology cannot make the flying scenes in telefantasyas look like that in Harry Potter but when it comes to weather forecasting, it's a whole different story. Well, we have tolerated that for so long. But I doubt if we can still ignore the fact that we are technologically challenged and unprepared after Ondoy and Pepeng hit us.