Thursday, October 15, 2009


(In which I am speechless.)

I dialed the phone to call my student for my 6:10 – 6:30 class and wondered why no one’s picking up. He has always been punctual so I thought there’s something wrong. I refreshed the web page and saw that my light task has been diminished by another twenty minutes of “conversation” full of dead air, with the person on the other line claiming he understands me perfectly and that he is just not confident on the manner with which he is supposed to answer my questions. I knew confidence is a factor. But I believe I have gone out of my way several times in the attempt to boost his morale. But what is the use of telling you these when I don’t have the unconfident lad anymore?

To relish the fresh freedom I have got, I have asked an officemate to go out and buy something to eat though I have already finished my green salad with tortang talong. Ugh. It doesn’t sound a good combination?

We headed to the nearest KFC branch which is just located in the same Avenue. On our way, we found several cars parked not at the parking lot but at the side of road. In one of them, we saw an East Asian man got out as if there’s a time bomb in it and murmured something which made my officemate burst into laughter. I followed him with my eyes and saw him get in the other car behind the car with the “time bomb”.

“What did he say?”

She looked at me and answered in between laughs.

“Wrong car!”