Monday, October 19, 2009

Of Spirits and Romance

(In which I was happy I gave in to my sister’s urging.)

I just love romantic comedies, but I am not into keeping up with the latest movies. I rarely visit a movie house unless someone’s going to give me a treat. How pathetic is that? And yes. In the middle of a financial crisis, who’ll bother to go to the cinemas anyway? I can always have the comfort of watching movies at my own house minus the cost – that is, if I am not so tired to sleep on a weekend since weekend is my only time for my self. And last Saturday, my sister told me to watch a movie with her.

“But I am going to watch Bring IT On: All or Nothing at ETC.”

“But our TV connection isn’t that good. Come on. Watch it instead. It’s an original copy,” she boasted and showed me the VCD.

“So it’s an original copy, huh? As if you bought it. And I thought you have seen that already.”

“Yeah. But it’s so cool I want to watch it again. And yes, I didn’t buy it.”

So we watched it. And yeah. It’s cool!

“Wait! Is she dead? It will be such a pity if she is!”

“Didn’t I tell you to read the back part of the CD case? The one with the movie description?”

“You mean the blurb?”


“Ok. Pause it.”


“Pause it. I’ll read.”

“Gosh! You’re so important!” she complained, but paused the movie anyway.

So I read it and found out it’s about a female doctor (Reese Witherspoon) who haunts her old apartment, as well as the new tenant. The male tenant (Mark Ruffalo), now eager to get rid of her, helps her to find out her past to convince her that she’s dead. But in the end, they were the ones who were convinced – that they’re in love!

My favorite line is this:

God gave us alcohol. It’s a social lubricant. It makes men brave and women loose.
- JJ