Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One Love for the Philippines: A Letter to the Filipinos

(In which a patriot writes us a letter.)


Isn’t it just ironic that after posting a blog post about me being busy, I have actually posted two blogs for today? Anyway, I just thought it is a matter of importance.
When I was in college, I saw an essay written by a Korean student posted on the bulletin board of the Athletics Department. I was surprised to see it on the net. (Thanks to
Click here for the full text of MY SHORT ESSAY ABOUT THE PHILIPPINES by Jae Youn Kim. Pardon the length and the grammar as well.
My short response:
Jae Youn Kim,
Yes. We have cried for the Philippines as well – several times. Definitely more than you cried for this country. I feel sorry that you completely lost your faith when you came here. We don’t. And we’ve been here for as long as we can remember. What happened after the times when the Philippines was economically doing well is really sad though.
About the terrible feeling you get when you see poor people in slums, I suggest you read Maximo Ramos. Maybe you will have a better perspective. But you’re right. It’s high time that we Filipinos learn to love the Philippines.
And about the employers treating their employees fairly, I have no comment.