Thursday, October 22, 2009

How Mysterious is Mystery Google?

(In which what you search isn't what you get.)

I stumbled upon A Woman Remembers, a blog about a woman and her say on various things. And in there I saw a post about Mystery Google. Look.
If the image isn’t enough to scare you off, try typing on the search box some keywords and you’ll see… the things that the person before you searched. I searched Mystery Google on Google (How redundant!) and typed in life. I got I tried literature and landed on a Wikipedia article on turtles.

Utterly strange, isn’t it? I mean, you built a search engine for people to find out the last person’s searches? I don’t see any point aside from pure entertainment. Well, probably that’s the reason. At least I have a new reason not to linger on Blogger and Facebook, for a few minutes.