Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West gone offensive; Beyonce Rescues Stunned Taylor Swift

(In which I wonder how celebrities can act so foolishly insensitive.)


Okay. They’re humans too. But they, more than any other people, should know how to behave properly because it’s their actions that are watched on national and international television.

I caught a glimpse of the news about Taylor Swift and Kanye West on Balitanghali on QTV 11 before I got out of the house to work. I wasn’t able to wait until they air the news since we all know that they put the most controversial ones at the final part of the program; otherwise, I’ll be late.

When I started my class with Esmeralda, she refused to use our grammar book. Instead, she gave me this hesitant and bothered look and uttered “Help me.”

I stopped and looked at her. She continued.

“I need an English news.”

“Is that for your homework?”

“Yes. I have news. But I don’t understand it. ”

She showed me a document with a lengthy news on it. It was interesting though – something about a 92 year-old female singer whose songs hit No. 1 in Britain. However, it’s lengthy. So I suggested something shorter, but juicer.

I gave her the overview of the news (after I introduced the celebrities involved since she doesn’t have even the slightest clue about any one of them) and she got excited. She cannot have her laptop connected to the internet so we used my phone class room. There I had her read the story I found on Yahoo! News. (For the news, click here.)

After I explained to her the contents of the news, she sighed and, with her eyebrows crossed, shouted “Crazy man!”


I love Taylor Swift's video that gave her the Best Female Video award. (For the music video of "You Belong With Me" on this blog. click here) Well, I don’t know much about the other nominees’ entries but I believe Taylor deserves the award.