Friday, September 11, 2009

정말 감사합니다*

(In which I thank you for a comment well said.)

If your intention is to inflict pain on me through that insult, you have done it oh so successfully. You see, please do not use your fatigue and stress as excuses for your insensitivity because I also have my own issues on stress and fatigue. What you meant by what you’ve said has gone against my composure a great deal and your “explanation” and “sorry” are too lame to be accepted. No, that doesn’t mean I am no longer demanding a real explanation from you. Look, there must be something more than the fact that you don’t care about how I’ll feel. Or is there?

So for the meantime, you can cuddle your pillow and sleep comfortably. You deserve compliments for being able to do that right after this.

*Thank you very much.