Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ignorance, Knowledge and Danger

(In which I am experiencing the irony of learning and growing.)

In one of my reflection papers in my Literature class, I have written how overwhelmed I was because of the newfound knowledge I am acquiring. It seems that the more I learn, the more I realize that I am stupid. The more I know, the more I have to learn. Sigh. How can I put it so that I wouldn’t appear like I am trying to pose a mystery?

Okay. Literature is such a vast subject – so vast that limiting it seems to be impossible since it works with language – Linguistics – which works with so much more sciences. As I learned how to read literature, I also feel the need to know to write it – and of course, to teach it. Every now and then, I feel bombarded with so many tasks required for mastery. If in case you are in any shade of doubt, I am telling you that I know I have to undergo all these. However, it just came to me as, should I call it, an eye opener? That learning makes you realize that there are so much more to learn. Perhaps it is the most important feature of knowledge – the knowledge that you are ignorant.

But the good thing is, I know where my ignorance comes from. In school, it comes from the lack of awareness of the importance of a subject matter. In life, it’s comes from the fear of accepting things as they are - the lack of acceptance of reality. At times, I’d rather be ignorant and fake innocence than face facts. How intense the danger ignorance causes me in real life! As you can see, I know it. I am aware of my ignorance. But knowledge doesn’t seem enough.

I also know that I am getting pointless. So let’s end it here.

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