Thursday, September 24, 2009

Artistic and Human

(In which I dare to expose my tendencies.)
As I was aboard a Binangonan-bound jeepney one evening, I saw a really handsome young man get in. With his aura and physique, I guess he’s no older than nineteen. As he sat himself on the ruggedly cushioned seats, he held his phone so delicately I swear he’ll be the first victim if there was a snatcher present among us. Not only that, his vanity oozes out of him like lava in an angry volcano as he sways his head in his very own godly manner. And when the swaying doesn’t get the lovely strands of hair off his lovely face, he will sweep them off with his dainty fingers so fair and soft-looking I think he doesn’t know how rags feel. What makes him more stunning was the way he carries his red and black rain jacket over a white tank top that matches his knee-length khaki pants well. And do I need to mention he’s got really beautiful eyes and lips?
I remembered Teacher Kaye’s analysis of the tremendous and incredible reception of fans for Stephenie Meyer’s series-turned-movie. She told me that Meyer presented Edward as someone god-like and perfect and that people do not want to have someone like him by their side but that they actually want to be him. And she has a point. Look. Wouldn’t it be nice to look awesome and know that people secretly admire you even if they don’t tell? Isn’t it such a blessing to be given a face that can. . . (attempting not to copy from the Greeks) turn heads? Isn’t it perfect to know people are giving you furtive glances and hearts are rejoicing at the mere sight of you?
Then here comes another scenario.
Yesterday, I was browsing the map of Radiusim to look who’s around. Then I saw a profile so unbelievably adorable I almost made her picture my wallpaper. I even showed her face to a couple or three people from the office as if bragging about my latest discovery. And I also told a chat mate about the “discovery” which made me appear questionable.
Me: I found someone cute
Him: Where?
Me: Here. She’s really pretty. She looks like an anime character!
Him: You like girls?
Me: No. I am just an artist who knows how to appreciate beauty – both masculine and feminine. That’s all.
Him: … Really?
Me: I’m not bi.
Him: Peace.
Me: Here. Look.
(I sent him the profile URL.)
Him: She’s cute.
Me: See? I told you.
(Moments of silence.)
Him: Is she online?
Me: I guess so.
Him: I can’t send her a message
Me: I just did.
Him: You did? What did you say?
Me: I told her she’s pretty.
Him: Wow. Anyway, I can’t send her a message. It says “You can’t send Enosh a message because of her privacy settings.” So how can you?
Me: Perhaps she only allowed women to message her? I don't know. You’re interested in her, eh?
Him: No. I am just appreciating the beauty that God has given her.
And this chat mate of mine didn’t go online today. I don’t know why. And now I don’t know if Kaye’s analysis is still applicable. But hey! I would readily accept the chance to look like her!
Remembering his gender-bending question, I was reminded of a situation. Jen, one of the most, if not the most liberal student I had, once told me in a discussion which I don’t know the start of, that “According to the book I’ve read, all people have bisexual tendencies. It’s the social standards that hinder us from becoming an outward bisexual.”
How profound!

P.S You might want a proof so here it is. Too bad I don’t have the guy’s.