Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sounds Like... ^^

(In which they found an alternative.)

I remembered how we Filipinos went crazy over the Taiwanese boy band F4 way back when Meteor Garden was such a phenomenal hit. I even heard kids singing their songs using words that don’t make sense. Seriously, a Taiwanese won’t understand them as well. Let’s admit it. When a foreign song is so good that we want to sing it, we don’t care even if we sing it in a just-sounds-like-the-original-words way.

So when I suffered from LSS (Last Song Syndrome) because of Big Bang’s songs, I made sure that I sing the lines I really know and understand – even if it’s just the “I’m so sorry but I love you da geojitmal. I ya meolasso i jeya arasso. Niga piryo hae…” over and over - to myself.

Anyway, as I was downloading one of their songs (Red Sunset), I saw these videos. The title told me it’s going to be fun. Hmmm… Ever wondered how to sing Big Bang’s songs using words that are understandably close to the original ones? Some people have already done that. Check it out.

Gin Chilli? I never thought it could be this easy!

I can’t get over the “Chew the Donkey” thing. It’s just so hilarious!

These videos were still unfinished. I’ll upload the complete version when I found them.