Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let's Go West Where the Red Sun Sets ^^

(In which someone shows some talent.)

As you might have guessed it, my interest for Big Bang is not over yet. And you're right again. It doesn't stop here. ^^
I was chatting with a Korean girl over Radiusim last night and we have talked about Big Bang. She told me she likes “Red Sunset”. I want to hear the song so I went to an internet café the next morning to download it. I wasn’t disappointed because the Korean version sounds good. I understand some words and lines. (As if that’s a big deal.)

붉은 노을 (Red Sunset)
Big Bang

You might have noticed this: the vehicle looks like it’s from the Philippines. And this music video reminds me of “I Lay My Love On You” by Westlife. Well, anyway, I love TOP’s face. This video is very light and refreshing. It's nice to see the boys smile. ^^ I love watching it. But don’t ask me about the lyrics now. I just love watching it.
Now the next thing I did was to look for the translation. And here’s what I saw.

I’ve got one word for her : TALENTED.