Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Lucid Dream

(In which it hurts like reality.)


It was a journey of an unknown reason
bound to the unknown.
He was a traveler and so I was,
his path similar to mine.
Nights and days rolled by and I
am always by his side.
I often thought that I am somehow destined to be his bride

But lo! The desert turned into the forest
and the forest to my bedroom;
With me on the cushion and he on the floor;
staring right through me.
Screaming in a foreign voice;
uttering deafening insults and painful facts.
Does the truth need always be harsh?

Though aware I was of dreaming,
oblivious I was of why
when I asked him the silly question
he changed into another man!

Then off we went,
outside my house,
Walking on a familiar path.
Behind him, I walked.
His face from my eyes was obscured
but his voice was clear.
It was his.
It was real.

He no longer speaks hurtful truths
and how avaricious I really am.
But he said he has to leave
and that the time has finally come.

We climbed a stairway of hard clay and dust
that leads us to a road.
I wished to walk with him farther
but he looked at me and refused.
At last I saw his face again
but why is he suddenly far?

He finally turned and left me.
I know that I have yet again lost.
I felt my eyes open
and I slowly rose.

June 10, 2010
1:30 AM