Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Game of Rhymes

(In which I need a memory enhancer.)


I joined a poetry game on Shredded Cheddar where players are supposed to submit a word and a question. Then they will be given a word and a question submitted by another player. They should answer the question using the given word in a poem.

The game was held a couple of weeks ago (?) and I was (ugh!) the only one who hasn’t submitted a poem yet! And I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t checked my email for the follow-up comments.

So here is my Word and Question poem. I’m really sorry for being late. (Oh, I know late is an understatement.)

Word: ephemera
Question: How many times is too much?

How many times is too much?
If there’s a thing as such,
If we are to follow other’s advice,
Then it has to be “twice”?

But we all differ – you and me
It’s not easy as one, two, three.
A room full of ephemera for Pat
May never be enough for Jack.

How much is too much?
Is then yet another puzzle.
If it also needs an answer,
Oh! It’s such a hassle!