Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Solo by Iyaz and Again by Janet Jackson

(In which there’s another song on replay!)


If I would make a list of things that I liked in our recently held Alumni Homecoming, I’ll be including this song by a performer I’ve never heard about before. The song haunted me for its utterly familiar melody but I always forgot to ask or find out what the title is. I’m always torn between “So Low” or “Solo”. Or perhaps it’s “Low”. Well, you know how we research song titles; we remember a line and Google it. However, I can only understand “I don’t want to w—“ from the song so I didn’t think it’ll be helpful.

Until that fateful day occurred.

I was shopping for clothes with my sister and while she’s trying on some, I heard an incredibly loud music coming from the next store. When I realized that it was the song from the infamous party, I dashed out and asked the store owner what the song title is. (I was worried that he might not know the answer but hey, it’s his CD playing so he must know!)

The music was so loud he can barely hear me. But he answered it anyway. I even asked him to spell it in case I understood badly. (Or is it because I didn’t find his pronunciation reliable?)

Now that I know the title, it’s time to find out why the melody is so familiar. And you know how we find the answers to our queries; we relied on Wikipedia’s all-encompassing knowledge!

So that’s it. It’s from Janet.

Well, it’s still good. And I still like it. He didn’t really humiliate Janet for using a melody from her song, didn’t he?