Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Sudden Reminder

(In which I believe it the way others do.)

The world is unfair.

When something goes wrong, the sentence above seems to be the immediate – and not to mention, handy – response. People take it as a fact. You don’t have to explain it. When someone tells you how terrible life is and you retort with this reason both of you get silent as if the sentence puts an end to everything, and it leads to acceptance for there is nothing more to do.

Sometimes I marvel at how fatalistic this sentence has made me. But then again, what else is there to believe? When you’ve done all you can to make things right something will pop up to ruin everything, it’s easier to believe that the world has a playfully evil nature of being unfair than to chide and blame yourself for doing things wrong. Besides, if you believe you’ve done things right, then how can you actually blame yourself?

The unfairness of this world gives birth to a condition where “in an ideal world, everything’s perfect”. In our whim, we create a world where there is equality – you are with the person you love and the person you love loves you, people live in perfect harmony, there is no hunger, no war. We thoughtfully create our own utopia only to awoken from our reverie and go back to the real world. The cycle goes on.

The world is cruel. The world is unfair. It’s a fact we have to deal with.

End of discussion.