Friday, March 19, 2010

RadiusIM’s Demise (Part II)

(In which I was surprised again.)

No. there isn’t a second death. It’s just that this is a related post to the previous one with the same title and I can’t think of another title for this post.

I was thinking that the site might be using a different time zone so Friday morning might mean the next day since I was still able to use the site yesterday. (How lame!) But when I accessed the site, this welcomes me after waiting for a long time before it loads.

Whoa! And now they have this “Play” button which displays a slide show of cool stuff I’m not sure if I have seen or experienced during a year of using the site. I mean, I don’t remember it showing the “[user] is typing” sign in the chat window (Well, it has the pencil icon which sometimes fooled us.) or the chat window showing the current status of the other correspondent.

But nevertheless, the site was cool. And I sure will remember it as “young and beautiful”. My goodness, I’m gonna say “Hello” to boredom now that it’s gone for good! Thank heavens I still have Blogger. Well, at least as long as it isn’t blocked.