Monday, March 8, 2010

The Late Birthday Post

(In which it’s better late than never.)


The Seeker blog celebrated its first birthday last March 6, together with Master Rapper Francis M’s first death anniversary. It’s been a long time since the last post. And there’s a lot that happened.

I really hoped to write something positive but I might not. Anyway, let’s get the huge ball of news rolling…

· The company is cost cutting. From two units, the management now looks forward to using just one. They showed us the plan on how they’re working out on placing the one-on-one classes, the group classes and the phone English classes in just one unit. We bade farewell to the function room because it will be the new home for the new plan. I never knew there is a farewell celebration for a room. Nevertheless, I hungrily fell for the usual pizza and soft drinks, the succulent Fuji apples and the best spaghetti I’ve ever tasted.

· In line with the renovation, (seriously, I have always thought that renovation is for augmenting and improving. But the management burst my bubble. ) the manager has hired a programmer to come up with a new system that will block all external sites. (Hey! I thought we were cost cutting!) That means we have to bade farewell not only to the function room and our beloved private cubicles but also to the liberty of browsing whatever site there is to explore – except of course for the notorious and already blocked sites like Youtube and Friendster. Who still uses Friendster nowadays anyway? But the terrible part is, Facebook and Radiusim are on the verge of being banned to our system. Translation: If we have a long break, we may try to read a book or sleep while standing. (We were informed that the new cubicles will be smaller and privacy is out of the option.)

· Speaking of Radiusim, Alvin has sent me a friend request! (Drum roll, please?) Not that a virtual friend request is anything close to a personal friend request but who cares? He typed ‘Hi’ and asked for my ASL for goodness’ sake! I was about to celebrate when I remembered that I accidentally hit the ‘Invite to video chat’ option while browsing his profile. And all the while I thought he has initiative.

· I’ve had long breaks last week and I found Alvin’s latest photo and was inspired. I was so inspired I have made a cool portrait. And I never really liked portraits before. But I made it! And now I feel addicted to it. Thank goodness I ran out of Canson! If not, I might not sleep. Or if I will, I might do that while clutching my pencils.

· Because I am now re-acknowledging my talent for drawing, I have been neglecting to update The Seeker. But the next problem is, Blogger will soon be blocked. So in order to update it, I would have to devise ways of blogging other than using my office computer.

· Just as I thought surprises and family problems are already too much to handle, we received a text message yesterday that drastically changed our lives. I thought my dwindling finances as well as my sabotaged plans are enough to make me restless and sleepless. But I found out that there is more to come. Seriously more to come. Fine. Bring it on!