Thursday, March 18, 2010

RadiusIM’s Demise

(In which my regular internet usage is limited.)

I have blogged about the upcoming change in the company’s external appearance as well as the program that will block external sites that had us screaming for RadiusIM. Why would we want it gone when it gives us full access to Yahoo Messenger, Google Chat, Facebook and so many other instant messaging services all at the same time? We wished for the renovation to take more time so we could enjoy unlimited chatting while working. Ah, the boon of being able to multitask!

But just today, an officemate burst our bubble.

“Radius is going to be gone for good. Tomorrow morning,” I heard her tell our other co-workers.

“Really?” I made myself heard and earned a space on the conversation that didn’t involve me originally.

“Yes. Check out the small box that appears when you log in. You’ll see a headstone. It’s goodbye time.”

Oh, so she means the small box I automatically close upon logging in? That’s why I was caught unaware. I refreshed my page and for the first time, paid attention to the disregarded small box that bears the updates for the site. (I bet the box will suffer from a sudden rise in its popularity rate today.) I clicked “Next” and was relieved every time a new update that is not related to closing appears until I finally see the iconic tombstone. After the terrible news spread on our side, I began seeing statuses like “Goodbye friends” and “It’s over” as well as sad emoticons. Well, it seems like we weren’t the only ignorant ones.

So today is the last chatting day as it will end tomorrow morning. I am actually uncertain. The site may be using a different time zone! (Did you feel a hint of hope there?)

Anyway, it’s just another manifestation that all good things don’t stick around too long. I am glad that I’ve had a reasonably good diversion that made me meet good and interesting people. And at least the company doesn’t need to have the site blocked.