Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Slowly… Closer

(In which every step is a movement closer to freedom.)
When everything has fallen down and hope seems obscured
By clouds - dark clouds,
I listen
to a familiar voice
and a familiar song.
I can get my way back
Into the old me.
The old me who has known happiness
In you.
whose reticence has made my heart
numb and wounded
whose shadow nor trace was neither visible
yet felt.
Your memories, omnipresent;
Like a ghost that haunts me when I’m most vulnerable.
And now you are
As abstract as a ghost.
as abstract as your voice
and a song.
Yet how sweet it is to be back
to my old self.
As slow as melody dancing its way
To my heart,
I glide back to happiness.
And if I have to do it alone, let it be.