Thursday, May 14, 2009

On Leaving and Living

(In which I am reacquainting myself with another life’s lesson.)
A meeting comes with a price. And more often than not, the price of meeting someone has to be paid when someone has to leave and someone has to be left. Lately, I have realized that when we open up ourselves to people we are being subjected to pain. And that pain comes when something has to end. Yet it has the same results when we refuse to open up.

Life means dealing with the inevitable. And parting is as inevitable as every introduction. I have to admit that the worst pain I had and would have will be the pain brought by being left. Yet I know that every pain passes away – Time assures that. It is the same as any exercise. It hurts like hell at first but do it everyday and you’ll sore no more.

But for how long do I have to be sore?