Tuesday, April 14, 2009

“Thank you for calling…”

(In which a popular job is now a song.)

I was riding the FX to work when I heard a very fresh song over the radio. It was the first time that I heard that song and it made an impression on me. The singer sang it well and the lyrics were really good. The artist used common words yet they don’t sound awkward when he sang it. I wasn’t able to search it on the net during working hours though. However, I saw a commercial on it on GMA 7 and found out that the song title was "Kol Center" (Call Center) and that it was Ram Chavez, a Pinoy Idol finalist, who sang it! Wow! So I downloaded the video and tried to look for the lyrics on the net but failed. Hmmm... I guess I just have to rely on my listening skills. The other lines were hard to understand, though. I’ll keep you posted regarding my success with the lyrics.
This video was taken during their mall tour at Robinson’s Place. ^^