Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Face Value

(In which a common truth is again proved.)


There were two girls talking.

G1: I’ll show you a picture.

G2: Ok. Let me see it. (Looking at the photo.) A group picture, huh? Hmmm… So what about it?

G1: Look at the guy in pink. Yes. The one with the gray jacket and a pink shirt underneath. Yeah, that one! What can you say?

G2: I don’t know.

G1: I knew it. He’s not handsome, eh?
G2: No. Hmm… He’s good looking.

G1: How about the girl next to him? The one with glasses in a lighter pink blouse.

G2: So-so.

G1: They look sweet, don’t they?

G2: (Perhaps not understanding the question.) But the guy looks better.

G1: I mean, I think they are boyfriend/girlfriend. How about you?

G2: I think so. But I still insist that the guy looks better. (Looks away from the photo.) Why are you so interested? And why do you ask me as if my opinion about these two is important? Do you like the guy?

G1: (Seriously) The guy in pink…

G2: Hmm?

G1: …was my ex-boyfriend.

G2: (Startled.) Oh my god! He? The… the one you’ve been telling me about? But…

G1: Yeah…Why?

G2: Nothing. He looks kind. I mean, he doesn’t look like the one you described to me.

G1: I never told you he’s not kind. He was kind to me. I think it’s better to say that he doesn’t look like he could be that harmful, eh?

G2: Oh my god! I’m so sorry.

G1: Maybe that’s why he deleted his e-mail account. He wants to get rid of me completely. He must be ecstatic with his new girl.

G2: (Still feeling guilty for some reasons.) I am really sorry.