Monday, June 8, 2009

So Far…

(In which I realized that I’m not a very bad student after all.)
I’m 21. And I’ve been a sucker for Life’s hardest spanks for as long as I can remember. That statement wasn’t written for effect. Seriously.
And for the last 13 years or so, I’ve learned several things (They might sound foolish and you might have learned them your own way but I’m still writing them though.) that show how well I know Life’s lessons but not quite as well as how much they should have made me wiser.
Anyway, at least I’m not that ignorant.
So far, I’ve learned…
That five-year-old kids shouldn’t use scissors without an adult’s guidance.
That drinking milk is important.
That you shouldn’t watch another kid play while feeding the dog.
That listening to instructions carefully is a must – especially during a district quiz bee.
That principals aren’t so concerned about your feelings that they can even announce how stupid you are for failing to listen to instructions carefully during a district quiz bee in front of ALL the other students on a flag ceremony.
That in high school, having your chairs arranged in a circle is a very interesting, if not the most effective, seating arrangement.
That wearing glasses increases your chances of being friendless and misunderstood.
That joining a brass band means more than having music lessons.
That it’s better not to be with your younger sister in the same brass band.
That the chance of not ending up with your first boyfriend is very huge.
That Elton John was right when he said that honesty is such a lonely word.
That rockers could also be softies.
That some professors aren’t as professional as what they are supposed to be.
That you can surprisingly be at your best under pressure.
That algebra isn’t big enough to keep you from being on top.
That friends are chosen.
That no matter how smart you are, you are never smart all the time.
That at times, the worst decisions we make are the ones that seemed to be well-thought and well-planned.
That the belief about “men are wolves and women are foxes” isn’t always true. It could be the other way around.
That Koreans believe that you can die when you sleep with the fan on.
That entering a relationship is a gamble. And when you engage in a gamble, be ready to lose.
That in a relationship, courtship is the best part.
That even if a man is very nice and sweet doesn't mean he can make you happy.
That a right love at the wrong time is still wrong.
That the one who promises doesn’t know what a promise is.
That at times, even if men’s promises sound suspicious, women still believe.
That age does not justify maturity.
That you can cry over a breakup with your mouth open in front of your mom and don’t feel bad about it.
That crying isn’t equal to vulnerability.
That no matter how much you wanted to curse the ones who broke your heart, you just can’t because you can’t hate them.
That you can be cold to people you don’t like yet you wonder why some people are cold to you.
That no matter how much you wanted to give someone you love their happiness, it is never easy to give them their freedom from you.
That loving means letting someone go.
That letting go is braver than holding on.
That I am not brave.