Monday, June 22, 2009

Graduate School: Expectations and Frustrations

(In which the title says it all.)


Our first class for the Graduate School in the University of the Red Warriors was scheduled last Saturday. I was supposed to take the bus (cheaper) but since I went home at one o’clock in the morning, I had to take the van to get there on time. I did. Hurray for that!

As soon as I passed the security guards with digital thermometers, I told myself, “This is it.” Excitement and fear took over me. But everything changed when:

· We (my best friend and I) had to wait at the hot lounge for the office to open. We do not know where our classrooms are for they were not written on the registration form.

· Be incredibly disappointed to see how the comfort rooms (with no water supply at that time) look.

· Have to pass a creepy hallway in search for the High School building, get lost and receive different instructions from people we ask.

· Have neck pains from leaning to the left because we had our class at the Principal’s office which means our class looks like a meeting of parents (of nuisance students) with the principal.

· We found out that college classes are only until Friday. Facebook must be lying when it said we will meet Mr. Right in the university.

· Our classrooms have the traditional blackboard-and-chalk tandem. Hello, asthma dear!

· We have to wait for the next six hours for professors who never came.