Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Lieu of the Temporary Internet Freedom There is Permanent Blockage

(In which lucky are those who own laptops.)


For the past two months (or was it three?) everyone in Wonderful Academy enjoyed unrestricted browsing of previously blocked websites. But the absence of restriction has always been spoiled by the slowness of the internet connection. But if that’s the price we have to pay for having the next best experience to unlimited and liberated browsing, that’s fine. So we didn’t complain, at least not that much.

Just today, the academy was hushed by a slow yet sure progress. The time has come. We are never so naïve to think that everyday is a sunny day in the online world with the fact that we are in a corporate environment. But aware though we are, the immediacy of the action caught us by surprise.

The maintenance cum messenger grabbed my arm and led me into an empty classroom. Looking in her eyes and seeing the nameless expression on her face made the moment feel as though the demons have risen to shower the earth with evils of all kinds. And that our survival rests on our being discreet.

“It’s blocked,” she hissed; her expression still hard and focused.


“Facebook. And Youtube.”

Actually I don’t care about those two websites. All I care about is that Yahoo Mail and Blogger be safe from the eviction. I made a sigh of relief within me.

“And they’re now thinking of blocking Yahoo! as well.”

“WHAT!?” I almost shouted. It’s my immediate reaction after she burst my bubble.

“Sshh!” she covered her mouth with her index finger. A signal for me to stay quiet. Oh no.

There was a silent monster creeping in the academy. In the background were news of negotiation and a betrayal scheme. Amidst all these I was quietly praying that I’ll be able to post this draft on my beloved transparent floral blue template using my office computer.

Well. I’m sure there are other ways.

UPDATE: Cheers, jumps and shrieks! Blogger is saved!