Thursday, May 13, 2010

Funandfearless’ Countdown of Most Hated Songs

(In which I finally had the audacity to pose as a semi-nostalgic VJ.)


My posts about the dreadful man who broke my heart years ago were already buried deep in this blog. Unfortunately, this dreadful man has his ears for music and I once desired to blog about the music that had him LSS and me brokenhearted but I decided not to for the sake of moving on and for sparing this blog another bitter post. But what reminded me to blog about music that made it to my Most Hated list was actually a teacher who sang one of the songs. Then I thought, “Hey! That’s not a bad idea! Okay, I’ll blog about it.”

Although it might not show, I have already adjusted myself well to the pain of being dumped by someone who is too immature to understand and too ethnocentric to be humble. These songs used to be my favorites. Then long ago, they were notorious and banned from my playlist. But though I can now sing them without hearing an internal crack that only I could hear, they still belong to my Most Hated. I can’t think of any title to go with my list. If you can suggest a better title, I might change my mind.

So here goes, coming in at number five is a song that his friend recommended and since then he played it on his MP3 on replay. Thank goodness to the complex array of consonants and rhythm of the chorus, he was unable to sing it properly.
The fourth spot was actually a toss between Aladdin and The Lion King. But he couldn’t get over the cuteness of Simba and Nala more than Aladdin and Jasmine’s romantic kiss on the terrace and it went on for days. That actually earned this video a spot in my list. Look! Aren’t they just adorable?
Halfway in my list of Most Hated songs is a Korean classic that he sang one evening. After checking out the actual song on Youtube, I found out that he was both offbeat and off-key when he sang it.
Coming in at number two is one of James Ingram’s hits. He was so crazy about this song that he even printed a copy and asked me to teach him the tune so we could sing it together. For the last whole year I wanted to blast every radio station that plays it on air. Too bad, DJs love playing this song every midnight and weekends. Things antique, how do we love thee?
I bet the Most Hated Song in my list belongs to his own Most Hated songs list as well. His rendition was such a disaster that it could fill Howie, Brian, A.J., Kevin and Nick with outrage and humiliation as much as it fills himself with shame. He doesn’t even want to remember that he ever sang this song.
Without further ado, (Whoa! So emcee!) here’s my most hated song.