Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Mentor’s Musing: Listening to the Call

(In which a possible illusion-versus-reality inspired moment further reflects my worsening eccentricity.)

Before having our Wednesday Graduate classes, my classmates and I usually talk about our work and expectations and apprehensions about teaching. When I encouraged them to apply in a university, they thought I was kidding. But I know there is hope in their denial and disbelief.
“I want to try teaching. You know, I think teaching has been calling me and I have been ignoring it,” one bubbly female classmate blurted happily.
But knowing how much she has doubted teaching as her destined career, I absentmindedly said, “Yes, go ahead. Then you will see if it was really your calling and not somebody else’s you just overheard.”
She smiled. And as her smile widened by every couple of seconds, so as her brows knit deeper.

Goodness. I need a shrink.

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