Thursday, February 3, 2011

To Anonymous

(In which I let it slip.)


Can you feel the urgency pulsing within me
reaching through time

past and present and future –
and back?

Are you aware of the fear surging through my veins
as if we’d soon run out of air?

Do you hear me calling out to you at night,
or at daybreak or sunset or just as you were placidly doing whatever?


Do you know that behind the façade of my childish laughter
I keep the secret of you and me
that has now become only mine and his?


Do you know that an inquiry from you has recently brought me
from heaven to purgatory to hell and back
in seconds?


Are you aware of my desperation dire enough for sanity to break loose?



But I’m not expecting a yes.
For we are both unknown variables in an equally unknown game.
We’re equally unknown.
For you don’t know me, and I
no longer know you.
You are more inconsistent and I,
more volatile.

More volatile.