Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Full House: Another Pinoy Version

(In which there’s really another one.)
So as what I’ve heard from the commercial, GMA 7 is up for another Filipino adaptation of a high-rating Korean drama in 2004, “Full House”. Oh this was a very nice series. We were so engrossed to it that we forced ourselves to stay up late since it was aired at almost 11 PM. And when it was replayed for the nth time, we still find ourselves humming the Korean theme songs and singing the Tagalog version of “The Three Little Bears”.
Now going back to the Filipino version, I just found out that the counterparts of Rain and Song Hye Kyo are Richard Gutierrez and Heart Evangelista.
Is it just me or they really don’t look good together?

Anyway, so that was a nice series. But since this post has gotten a space in this so-so blog means that I either have a positive or a negative say to it. And I’m sorry to say that it is the latter.

I haven’t had enough bonding time with our TV set recently so I cannot really give a sound dscription of what the first two versions of other Korean dramas were but they should be good. Doesn’t Regine Velazquez give justice to Kim Sam Soon? And Dingdong and Rhian look charming in Stairway to Heaven, don’t they? Yet to have Full house really – as in physically and not just audibly – Tagalized, is, I guess, a little over the top. Although ideas may come everywhere and it’s the development of an idea that really counts, repeatedly developing ideas that are not yours is just sad.

I have to admit that I really took my hat off to programs which are adaptations of authentic Filipino stories and comics. I believe it’s good since it revives the awareness of the youth regarding the works of Filipino artists. At least they know Mars Ravelo and Carlo J. Caparas as well as their Marvel.

Well right now, I don’t understand why they keep on remaking Korean dramas when coming up with an original is much more rewarding. And I thought we’ve had enough of Wonder Girls and 2NE1 all over the radio stations, Korean dramas all over television and Koreans themselves all over the archipelago. Please do not brand me ungrateful or whatever; they are the reason why I’m not unemployed now. And I like them too. But what’s happening now is just a little too much. And as the adage say, too much of anything is never good.